Guys, I have to hit you with some harsh news. Everything is in the description above. Another act of police brutality against a Black body. His name is Tyquan Henderson and he was pistol whipped and required brain surrey due to his injuries. News is that he was taken right out of ICU and put him into jail. Can we please get this known? Because, he is in no condition to protect himself or to even be out of a best where he should be resting!

what the fuck is happening in this country?????

Same thing that’s been happening for over 400 years

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So what you’re telling me is that America effortlessly put numerous white men on the moon, but America can’t seem to cure thousands of Africans who are suffering from Ebola with the same EBOLA CURE that has cured 4 white American Doctors, 3 white French Doctors, and 2 white English Doctors so far. Is this what you’re attempting to convey to me and the rest of the world?


New Republican ad came out today which gave me the best reaction image I’ve ever seen.


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I go through this at least three times a month. It’s like a damn period.

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